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Many triathletes experience what's known as Adult-Onset Swimming.

In this video, I will describe exactly what causes Adult-Onset Swimming, and why the typical approaches for overcoming Adult-Onset Swimming fall short.

I'll show you THE most important skill that you need to develop, the skill that's the foundation for effective swimming.

In the previous video, I gave the REAL reason that Adult-Onset Swimming occurs, and I showed you the solution for finally revolutionizing your swimming.  


In this video, I'll show you the 5-Step Framework for making change happen, and how to finally address Adult-Onset Swimming.

In the previous two videos, I showed you what REALLY leads to Adult-Onset Swimming, as well as the 5-Step Framework for creating real change.

In this video, I demonstrate to you that this framework is applicable to YOU because I PROVE it can be learned by anyone, anywhere.  


I'll show you how you can be the test subject! 


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