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How to Get it RIGHT

If you want to create massive technical change, you need to have a PLAN.

The first step of the process is to learn to improve your skills as FAST and EFFECTIVELY as possible.

A huge part of accelerating your learning is creating variation and change.

3 excellent ways to accomplish this objective is to perform the same exercises, but in a different way- through the manipulation of SPEED, your HANDS, and the use of training GEAR.

Great training exercises, and knowing how to vary them is a critical first step. However, it's not sufficient. You have to get those skills to show up in full stroke swimming. The best strategy I know of is the use of COMBOS.

Once you know how to create variation and challenge in your exercises, and you're combining those exercises with full stroke swimming, it’s about creating the best environment for your skills to grow.

How you set up your practice sessions, and how you approach your training will dramatically affect the outcomes you experience. The rules are laid out HERE and HERE.

Start Strong

Before you can train your skills, you must be able to execute them to a reasonable standard. If you can’t do it RIGHT, you can’t do it fast and you can’t do it for extended periods of time. The first order of business is making a change and knowing what that change feels like. To do so, you need to use the most effective and efficient methods out there- the methods I’ve outlined for you in this chapter.

You do NOT want to mess around. You want to create change as fast and as effectively as possible. The faster you can do so, the sooner you can move on to the real work at hand. Once you’ve accomplished that goal, it’s time to start training those skills to make sure you can execute your swimming to your own standard of excellence when it comes time to compete.

More on training to come...


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