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Straightforward strategies to get help you get better today.

I’m Andrew Sheaff.  I’ve helped just about everyone take their swimming to the next level, from children learning to swim to Olympic medalists and NCAA Champions to age group triathletes and masters swimmers.  I can show you how to learn the same skills they did, step-by-step.  


But first, I’m sure you’d like to hear my story - I’ll make it brief.  Just about everyone struggles with swimming, and I was no exception.  I came to sport later than my peers, and as a former struggling swimmer myself, I’ve always wanted to know how to swim faster and easier.  

Through all of my failures and successes, I’ve learned how to distill fast swimming in to simple, actionable strategies you can implement today.


As an internationally published author, I regularly communicate these strategies so that motivated athletes like you can accomplish their goals.

How do I help people like you improve?

I like to keep it simple, and I like to keep it straight forward.   

Rather than giving you telling you 10 different things you should work on, I show you ONE thing you need to do, how to do it, and how to make it happen.


I show you what you need to do, how to do it, and how to do it on your own. 


That’s it.

I’m here to use my expertise to help you swim faster than you ever thought possible.  

If you want to get started today, download Triathlon Swimming Made Simple.  Just click the title and you’ll be able to download it right away, no strings attached.


If you find it helpful, be sure to subscribe to YOUTUBE channel to get in depth access to everything I know.

To get regular updates about all of the simple and actionable strategies I know, subscribe below. I’ll send you 3 more awesome ebooks to get you started.​

Let’s get better today.

Keep it simple…



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