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Hello Fellow Swimmer,


Most coaches like myself will tell you outright that you need their genius if you’re going to improve your swimming.  


That might not be such a bad thing provided you have access to the best coaching in the world.  


Unfortunately, you probably don’t, even in the internet age. 


Fortunately for you, you don’t need their genius.


Actually, even if you had their unbelievable insight at your beck and call, it likely wouldn’t work nearly as well as you’d expect.




Improvement is not just about the skills of the coach.  The skills that YOU bring to the table are equally, if not more, important than the skills of any coach you have, no matter how good they. 


  • Do you know how to turn around bad practice, almost every single time?

  • Are you an expert at using the information a coach provides to create technical changes that last?

  • Do you know how to give yourself the best opportunity to make each swim in practice better than the previous one?

  • Are you aware of the options you can use to get feedback that matters, and measure your progress each and every day?


More than anything, you need to develop these same skills, and more, that elite athletes understand inherently.  


They just ‘know’ how to do all of these things, either because they just picked them up or it was instinct.  

For you, that’s leaving a lot to chance.


No one has tried to teach all of these skills before in a simple, easy to understand, and practical format.


In this book, I’m lay exactly how to develop and implement all of them.


Fortunately for you, I’ve been obsessed with the process of improving performance for almost 25 years.  


If it affected performance, I was interested (EVERYTHING affects performance).  


I’ve spent the last 15 years actively coaching swimmers, from middle schoolers to NCAA Champions and Olympians.


Throughout that time, I knew I could only do so much with any one swimmer at any one time.  


To solve the problem, I sought to do everything I could to help them learn how to coach themselves.  


This way, they could do my job for me when I wasn’t able to pay attention to each swimmer the entire.  


Preferably, they’d be able to do a better job than I could.


On personal level, I’ve been actively training for almost 25 years.  While I had a coach during mid-teens through early twenties, I was always performing ‘extra’ training without supervision.  I had to learn to coach myself.  I’ve spent the last 15 years constantly striving to improve my performance without the assistance of a coach, training exclusively by myself.


This type of experience may resonate with you as prefer to fly solo, or you simply spend a fair amount of time training by yourself out of necessity.


These experiences further helped me learn what it takes to improve when you’re left to your own devices.  


Through all of these experiences, I became convinced that the most important coach you’ll ever have is the one inside your head.  


That coach is either working for you, or working against you.   The difference is the skill sets that you develop. 

Coaching Yourself to Excellence2.jpg

Regardless of your current coaching situation, this book will help you develop the skill sets that ensure the coach between your ears is the best one you’ll ever have.  


When that happens, progress is inevitable and unimaginable.


In this book, you’ll learn-


  • How great coaches impact their athletes through great communication.  You’ll learn how communicate with the athletes they coach, and how you can use those same strategies to improve your own performance on a day to day basis.

  • Why measuring progress is foundational to getting better.

  • How to clearly define and measure the types of progress you would like make.

  • The best sources of feedback about your performance, and how you can ensure that you’re using them to your advantage.

  • The psychology of performance, and how pressure influences your arousal.

  • How to determine if you need to adjust your psychological arousal up or down, as well as the tools you can use to do so quickly and dramatically.   

  • The secret to creating technical change, as well as all of the strategies you can use to make using this secret even more effective.

  • The most effective way to turn around bad training sessions.  HINT- it’s the opposite of what most people.

  • How to develop killer consistency from training session to training session.

  • What to do when you’re having the best training sessions of your life to ensure your NEXT big session is just as good.

  • Why the repetition is the key point of intervention when improving your performance.

  • Two simple questions you can ask to greatly increase the chances that each repetition will get better and better.

  • How to evaluate the quality of your practice sessions to determine what the next step should be.

  • Why you need to protect yourself from yourself to consistently perform at your best.

  • The number one factor that determines how you should organize your training from week to week.

  • 33 different ways to set up a week of training that all allow you to consistently perform at your best.

  • How to the navigate challenges that inevitably arise as you pursue excellence by using the tactics I’ll outline.


You’ll get all of this information in a book that’s packed full of insight that you can use right away.  


It’s all killer, no filler.  


This book is not a treatise on training theory or abstract concepts you might find in coaching manuals.  


It is practical advice that any swimmer, or athlete for that matter, can immediately implement into their training TODAY.


As I’ve said before, it doesn’t matter if you have a coach.  This is all about how to get the best out of yourself, day in and day out, week in and week out.


I understand you may still be having doubts about whether this book is a good investment for you.


Here’s why it’s worth every penny-


YOU need to be the best coach for yourself if you want to achieve your potential.  


You are the common denominator in every activity you perform, and you know your strengths and abilities better than anyone else.  


If you’re the most important coach you’ll ever have, you need to be prepared with actionable steps take.


Proper training set up, specific to your needs, is the number one way to recover optimally and avoid injury.  


The price of this book is worth paying just to avoid a single injury that takes you out of the water for a week or more.  


NOTHING is worse than getting hurt.  We’ll go over the strategies you can use to avoid doing too much, which is the most common way to increase the likelihood of injury.


Learning new skills is about YOU, not your coach or your guru.  


I’m really good at learning new skills.  


Someone can tell me or show me, and I can figure it out.  FAST.  It’s NOT a talent of mine.  


It’s a skill I learned over the years, and I am going to share the tricks that you can learn to implement as well.  


Your ability to learn new skills is about YOU, not whomever you’re working with. The coach might give you the raw information, but you need to know how to use it.  


I’ll show you how.  


This alone will make the book worth it's price.


Imagine how much frustration you’ll avoid if you can USE the information you get from coaches, books, or videos! 


BUY THIS BOOK, and you’ll be well on your way to improving how do perform each and every training activity you perform, regardless of whether you have the best coach in the world, the worst coach in the world, or no coach at all.


In the end, it all comes down to you.  You want to be able to say you prepared yourself for the role you never knew you had, being the most important coach of your career.


Product Info


This is a 93 page PDF document that is available for immediate download.  It can be used on an any platform that is compatible with PDF file formats.


Refund Policy


This product has a lifetime guarantee.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply let us know and we will refund your money in an expedient manner.  No questions asked.

If you wish to pay with PayPal instead, you can!  Bring up a new tab in your browser and go to to send payment. Once there, put in your real first and last name and a good email address and let us know in the transaction notes which item you're purchasing, and I'll connect with you!

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