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A Different Definition of Fitness

Fitness is your ability to accomplish a certain task.

For us, it’s the ability to swim in a certain way, at a certain speed, for a certain distance or amount of time.

Most triathletes think of fitness purely in terms of the physical output they can create.

They think energy systems, heart rates, oxygen levels, muscle strength, etc.

It’s all about creating a big engine that can power us toward our goals.

And these ideas ARE all critical.

However, they’re only half of the equation.

It’s not ONLY about how much energy you can create.

You also have to use that energy EFFICIENTLY.

Think of your favorite gas-guzzling SUV.

It’s got a big gas tank, but it blows through it so fast because it’s so inefficient.

Having a big gas tank alone isn’t going to get the job done.

You need to use that gas efficiently.

Of course, this not an either/or situation.

You need both.

The problem is that most ignore the efficiency side of the equation in the water, focusing just on the creating a bigger gas tank.

So, by spending more time focusing on efficiency, you’re going to balance everything out by spending more time in the area you’ve been neglecting.

Where does great efficiency come from?

Great skills!

To swim efficiently, you need to create as little resistance as possible as you move through the water and create as much propulsion as possible at the same time.

I’ve discussed these ideas thoroughly.

For more, the playlist below is a great start.

The best part is that whenever you’re focusing on efficiency, you’re still doing work, and you’re still building the ability to increase your energy output.

In contrast, by just focusing on ‘working hard’, you won’t be improving your efficiency, and you might make it worse.

Here’s one way to start putting it into practice.

Using the sets below, you’re going to focus on the extremes of these two strategies.

You’ll focus on creating a lot of energy, then focus on using that energy as efficiently as possible during alternate repetitions.

It’s an engaging way to explore the limits of both aspects of fitness in an integrated way.

It’s an opportunity to improve your energy OUTPUT and energy EFFICIENCY at the same time.

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