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Mission Critical V

Focus on the right skill, the critical skills, and you stand the best chance of improving over the long term.

  1. You need to learn to stay level in the water

  2. You need to learn to pull straight back

  3. You need to learn to breathe effectively

  4. You need to time your rotation so you can accomplish all of the above

Rotation is critical because it allows you to get more out of each pull, it allows you to recover your arms in a way that keeps you level and aligned in the water, and it allows you to breathe effectively.

Rotation is the glue that keeps it al together.

However, it can be a tricky skill to learn.

It's hard to describe exactly what to do.

You need to FEEL it.

Here's the simplest way to do so.

For a free 8 week training to show you how to do it, click HERE.

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