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Mistakes You're Making #1 Training Principles = Skill Principles

Most triathletes understand the principles of training.

These include-

  • Specificity- your training should be specific to your goals

  • Reversibility- your fitness will get worse if you stop working on it

  • Variation- you have to change what you're doing over time if you want improve

  • Overload- training must get more difficult over time if you want to improve

They apply them consistently and appropriately over time, which can result in great improvements in fitness.

This is particularly true of work on the land.

However, they almost NEVER apply them to their skill work with any thought.

You should.

It's a BIG mistake if you're not.


The exercises and drills you perform should actually help you improve your freestyle swimming.

If they don't, then you're wasting your time!


You ALWAYS have to work on your skills.

If you don't they are going to erode over time.

Rust never sleeps!


If you keep doing the same exercises the same way, you'll stop improving.

You HAVE to change it up.


You need to challenge your skills.

You need to execute them in more difficult conditions or perform more difficult exercises.

If you don't they won't improve!

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