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Overcoming the Fatal Mistakes- Outcomes

I realize that I am suggesting that you act in way that’s contrary to most of you’ve learned in the past, as well as what you see your peers doing. What should you expect if you’re able to act on this advice? A lot of different outcomes, all of them good.

Your swim times will improve, and it will be ‘easier’ than you ever expected. Hard to believe that by doing the opposite of what you’ve always done, and what everyone else does, you’ll be able to accomplish your goals faster and with less effort. It happens.

Swimming will get simple. You’ll be focused on a limited number of skills, and you’ll be certain you’re working on skills that will impact your performance. No more second-guessing, just total commitment.

You’ll have more energy for the bike and run. This is true for the races themselves, but also training. Swimming better will take less out of you, and that will allow you to give more when you get back on solid ground. This is true both physically and emotionally.

You’ll build the confidence that you know you can swim the way you want for the duration of a race. Rather than worrying about how your swim is going to go, you’ll have the confidence that you can execute your race how you envision, regardless of what happens.

You’ll develop the assurance that your swimming is no longer a liability. Gone will the days be where you say to yourself, ‘if only my swim was better…’. You’ll be able to improve your swimming so you can give yourself a chance once you hop on the bike.

You’ll discover a newfound joy for your time spent in the water. Rather than constantly working against the water and getting frustrated with your lack of progress, you’ll learn work with the water and find the progress that’s been eluding you.

If you take anything away from this, let it be this-

1. Every swimming session is a practice session where your primary goal is to improve your skills.

2. Focus each exclusively on a VERY limited number of exercises that will most positively impact your swimming skill.

If you can act upon these two ideas, you’ll be WELL on your way to swimming faster and easier than you ever imagined.

Give it a shot.

Let me know how I can help.

What do you have to lose?


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