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Q & A-What is the best option to breathe when sighting in OWS?

Here’s a question I received that you may be wondering about as well-

What is the best option to breathe (when to do it in the swim stroke) when sighting in OWS?

You have three options available to you, all with different advantages and different advantages.

Ultimately, you want to use the strategy that is most effective for you.

One of them might click right away, or it might take some time to figure out what’s best for you.


Option #1 Sight, then breathe

You’ll lift your head enough to get your eyes up, sight, then turn the head to get a breath.

This breathing motion is more fluid and it ensure you get a clean sight.

However, it can potentially impact the quality of the breath if you don’t get the head rotated enough to breathe.

#2 Breathe, then sight

You’ll turn your head to breathe, look forward and lift the head to sight, then drop the head back down.

This is the opposite of the first strategy.

It ensures you get a clean breath, yet it can be awkward to go from looking to the side to looking forward.

Option #3 Breathe and sight at the same time

In this case, you’ll lift your head straight up so the mouth it out of the water, breathe, then put it back down.

It’s one simple motion, but you really have to pick the head up.

This takes time and it can disrupt your rhythm and position.

Regardless of the strategy you decide to use, remember to STAY LOW and MOVE FAST!

Hope that helps!

If you have questions, shoot them my way.



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