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Quick Fixes- The Dropped Elbow

The Dreaded Dropped Elbow

A great pull is simple (but perhaps not easy!)-

1. Get the hand deep

2. Keep the elbow to the side (NOT back!)

3. Pull straight back

What happens with a ‘dropped elbow’ is that the hand isn’t deep when you pull and the elbow goes straight back.

At its worst, it might look like this!

While there are a lot of strategies one can use to help address this issue, we’re going to focus on one.

It’s called upside down paddles.

You can check it out below.

Here’s how it works.

Because the paddle is a bigger surface area than you’re used to, you’re more likely to pull in a way that creates resistance on the paddle.

And when hold the paddle upside, it ‘locks’ the hand and wrist together.

So, if you pull back and feel pressure on the paddle, the elbow and the hand HAVE to move together because the wrist is locked.

If the paddle is moving directly backward, then the hand and elbow are moving together.

That means the hand is beneath the elbow and the elbow is out to the side!

So rather than ‘thinking’ about your pull, the paddle helps put you in the right position.

You can use this exercise during any activity, whether full stroke swimming or any technical exercise you see fit.

Just think about ‘going deep’ and then maintaining pressure on the paddle as you pull straight back.

If you can, you’ll be on your way to fixing the dropped elbow.

Hope that helps!



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