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Simple Training Tricks For Faster Learning 1

This series is about providing simple tweaks and tricks that you can incorporate in ANY training session, quickly easily.

They make what you’re already doing more effective

Implement them in your training today!

Put Drills in Your Warm Down

Many triathletes put drills and technical exercises in their warm up.

And rightfully so.

It’s a great way to prep for what’s to come.

However, very few triathletes put them in their warm down.

Here’s why you should.

Whenever you’re working hard, there’s going to be some loss of skill.

Drilling AFTER the hard work can help ensure that you get your skills back on track.

The body/brain tend to remember what you did LAST.

You want to remember swimming really well.

It will make the transition into the next workout that much better!

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