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Triathlon Swimming Realities Part III

When you deal with reality, you're much more likely to get the results you desire. When you ignore reality, it's struggle.

I'm exploring the realities of triathlon swimming to help you achieve better performances in the water.

Reality #3. Resources are a premium.

Improving any aspect of your life requires a lot of time and energy. Unfortunately, our time and your energy are limited.

As much as we’d all love to, we can’t do it all.

Unless you’re a professional triathlete, in which case this information probably isn’t for you, you likely have a job that requires a lot of both. You have family and friends. You have other responsibilities. You have hobbies.

While all of the above might not resonate with you, at least some of them will. The implication is simple.

If you have limited time and energy, and you still want to achieve impressive results, you’re going to have to be extremely effective and efficient in how you approach anything.

Specific to swimming, you’re going to need to be performing activities that MOST directly impact your performance, for the least expenditure of time and energy.

If you have hours to train and recover, you have a lot of flexibility in what you do. If you don’t, EVERYTHING matters, and you better use the best tools at your disposal.

Putting It Into Action

If you're limited in time and energy, what's going to be the best strategy for improving your performance in the water, and in your overall triathlon performance?

You know what I think!

Choose to shift your time into the water to focus more on skill development

Choose to work on the most effective skills in the water.

Choose to work on the most effective exercises to address the skills in question.

You'll be rewarded with faster swimming than you thought possible.


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