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Ever feel like swimming is just exhaustingly hard?


Ever feel like you’ll NEVER be able to catch your breath?


Ever feel like you’re pretty much drowning?


When triathletes begin their quest to improve their swimming, the first action they take is to learn everything they can about freestyle technique and begin to implement what they learn.


Makes sense, right?


If you want to improve your freestyle swimming, you need to understand the skills associated with swimming freestyle.


Unfortunately, this is a mistake.  A BIG mistake.


In doing so, these individuals are skipping a fundamental step, actually THE fundamental step in improving their swimming.


They fail to take the time to learn how to master AIR, and this forever limits what they can achieve and experience.

Here’s what hardly anyone understands.


Before worrying about the skills of freestyle, you NEED to learn to get comfortable in the water, and the only way you can do that is through better BREATHING.


You need to be able to be totally at ease.


You need to be able to manage AIR.


Believe it or not, swimming effectively is all about managing air.


You need air to live, you need air to fuel your efforts, and you need air to FLOAT.


This is your FIRST priority when swimming, whether you know it or not.


If you’re not managing your air, EVERYTHING you do in the water will be about making sure you can breathe, NOT helping you swim fast.


When you DO manage your air, that’s when you unlock speed and effortless swimming.


What should YOU do?


If you’re struggling with your swimming, you need to take a step back and get comfortable in the water.


This exercise is my favorite because ANYONE can do it and it requires ZERO instruction.


Give it a shot.






That’s the effortless support and comfort you should be able to experience EVERY time you swim.


Implement it into your warm-ups and your swimming, with the goal of creating the same effortless support.



It’s the foundation for developing your freestyle skills, and the fitness you need to sustain those skills.

If you want to learn how to make BIG improvements, check out the Better Breath Solution, the FREE guide to better breathing.


Let’s get started.

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