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Life can be cruel.


Sometimes, you learn a lot of powerful lessons by overcoming challenges, yet they have ZERO application to similar situations.


Sometimes, they make certain situations worse!


Welcome to triathlon.


Unfortunately, focusing on the areas that bring success on the bike and during the run (heart rates, training zones, energy systems, etc) can cause a lot of problems in the swim.


This is particularly true the more you struggle with swimming.


And if you keep using strategies that work on land, you’ll never reach your potential in the water.


Terrestrial training is primarily focused on developing PHYSICAL fitness.


However, the key to swimming success is TECHNICAL fitness.


You need to be swim longer, harder, and faster with great skills.


That’s the key to success in the water.


You have to TRAIN your SKILLS.


Every stroke you take is training your skills.


If you’re not focused on HOW you’re swimming, you’re training yourself to swim with poor skills.


If you ARE focused on what you’re doing, you’re probably training yourself to swim with GREAT skills.


When you focus primarily on physiology, you don’t get the skill component.


When you focus on training your skills, you get BOTH.


Fitness is the ability to accomplish a certain task. 


Our task is swimming a certain distance at a certain speed with a certain amount of effort, depending on your goals.


To do so, you need to be able to create a certain energy output and EFFICIENTLY use that energy to accomplish that goal.


If you’re not working on improving your breathing and improving your freestyle skills, all the energy output in the world won’t help swim you efficiently.


Change your perspective on training.


Rather than just ‘swimming hard’, take a different approach.


  1. Swim WELL.

  2. Then swim longer while STILL swimming well.

  3. Then swim faster while STILL swimming well.

  4. Then swim harder while STILL swimming well.


When you do so in a progressive manner, you ensure that your skills AND your physical capacities improve so that you can accomplish your goals.


That’s TRUE fitness.


If you need a guide for how to put it all together, and to see what this actually looks like in practice, check out 6 FREE Technical Training Workouts below.


They'll help you lock in the key skills for effective freestyle, and more importantly, train your ability to sustain these skills.

Just click on the image to get access.

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