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Learn The MOST Important Skills In Freestyle Swimming

Everything You Need To Know And Nothing You Don’t


Dear Multi-sport Athlete,


Frustrated with your swim?


Getting left behind and finding yourself clawing back through the pack once you get on land?


Worse still, are you overwhelmed by all of the information that’s out there, and not sure where to start or who to trust?

Tired of making no progress?


For better or worse, there is a seemingly endless amount of information available.  


A lot of it is complicated, nuanced, and detailed.  


And a lot of it is contradictory.


It may seem like there are so many problems with your freestyle, so many that it’s difficult to know where to start.


It doesn’t have to be that way.


If you knew exactly which skills you need to accomplish your goals, do you think you could make progress?


If you knew exactly which exercises to do to improve your skills, do you think you could accomplish your goals?


If you knew exactly which sets to do to improve your skills, do think would you be swimming longer and faster?


That’s exactly what you’ll get with Freestyle Made Simple.


























It’s time for you to get some help, and get the results you want, all with in less time and with less effort.


My name is Andrew Sheaff.


I’ve been obsessed with fast swimming for the last 25 years.  I’ve always wanted to know where speed comes from, and how to help others learn it.  


I’ve spent the last 15 years actively coaching swimmers, from middle schoolers to NCAA Champions and Olympians to age group triathletes.  


Hands down, the fastest way for you to learn is by keeping it SIMPLE.


To help you dramatically improve your swimming, you’re going to get YEARS of experience, knowledge, and education distilled into a series of ideas that are SIMPLE.  


Most importantly, they work.


What You’ll Learn


Step by step, you’re going to learning everything that matters in swimming, from the foundational principles of fast freestyle, all the way through to specific sets that you can implement today.


You’re going understand the principles of what causes fast swimming so that you can understand which skills are going to have a major impact on your performance.  


Based upon these principles, you’re going to learn the most important skills in freestyle.  While these aren’t the ONLY skills that impact freestyle performance, they’re the skills you need to prioritize first and foremost.  


You will learn how to improve these skills faster by using the most effective and efficient exercises available.  Importantly, these exercises designed so that you DON’T need a coach, as they do the teaching for you.  There aren’t many that fit the bill, so you’ll learn how to modify and adapt these exercises so that they can continue to challenge you over time.


And if you want results NOW, you can use the 99+ sets specifically designed to help you learn these skills in a progressive manner.  


Think you might have a hard time learning on your own?  You’re learn get all of the tricks for optimizing your learning process, tricks NO ONE else is talking about.


Throughout the book, it’s all about KEEPING IT SIMPLE.  


You learn exactly what you need to do to succeed, and exactly how to do it.


You’ll learn practical advice that any triathlete can immediately implement into their training TODAY.


What You’ll Get


By purchasing this Freestyle Made Simple, here’s what you’ll get-


  • How We Create Speed In The Water- you’ll learn the foundational principles that explain why some people are faster than others.  You’ll get a clearer sense of what you need to improve​, which means faster progress.


  • The Critical Skills of Freestyle- you’ll learn the 3 key skills that you must master to swim faster and more efficient freestyle.  No more wasted effort on skills that don’t really matter.

  • 15+ Key Exercises For Faster Freestyle- You’ll get the most effective exercises to help you learn the critical skills.  Video links, audio descriptions, and written descriptions ensure you know EXACTLY what to do.  By using the right exercises, you’ll make faster progress with less effort.

To ensure that you’re successful in accomplishing your goals, as a BONUS, you’re also going to get- 


  • 11 Exercise Enhancement Options- Take your learning to the next level by modifying HOW you perform ANY exercise.  11 strategies for learning the general principles of creating speed, that can be applied to any skill and any technical exercise. 

  • 100 Skill Acceleration Sets- These sets are specifically designed to help you learn the key skills, and progressively challenge your ability to execute them.  You don’t have to waste time or effort writing your own.  It’s already done for you.  Just do these!

  • 20+ Set Modification Strategies- Guidelines that let you individually optimize any set. Speed up your progress by learning to modify these sets so that you can adjust each set to your ability level, when necessary.

  • 4-Step Simple Workout Building Bible- Writing your own workouts allows you to personalize your training.  You’ll learn a simple process you can use to write ANY workout you want.


  • 18 Technique Training Workout Templates- These are done for you effective training templates that you can use to create workouts for yourself.  It saves you time and energy to focus on other areas of your life.


  • Implementation Action Plan- Knowledge is useless without action.  You’ll get 10 guidelines for implementing and putting what you’ve learned into practice.


  • Skill Change Shortcuts- The most important rule for fast-tracking your progress, and 5 strategies for putting it into practice. 

  • Feel Your Feedback For Faster Learning- More feedback equals faster progress and better results.  Learn the 3 most important sources of feedback available to any triathlete, and the best ways to use each source of feedback.

  • Critical Self-Coaching Questions- Optimize every repetition with the two most important questions you’ll ever ask yourself during every training session.  Find out how to put them to use on a daily basis.

  • Perspective Management Plan- Stick to the plan and accomplish your goals by learning 5 key expectations for your improvement journey.













You’re going to get EVERYTHING you need to learn what really matters in Freestyle, without any of the fluff. 


AND you’re going to know exactly which exercises you need to do improve your freestyle.


AND you’re going to get specific sets to put everything into practice.

You’ll get all of this information delivered electronically, regardless of where you are in the world. 


If all Freestyle Made Simple did was help you understand what you need to do to improve your swimming, how much would it be worth to you?


If all Freestyle Made Simple did was how to improve your skills with the best exercises, how much would it be worth to you?


If all Freestyle Made Simple did was show you how to design better sets to actually improve your desired skills, how much would it be worth to you?


If you could accomplish your current goals in the water, how much would it be worth to you?


You can probably see why people pay hundreds of dollars for me to help them with their swimming, because it's not a cost- it's an INVESTMENT.


You've already seen how it's worth $474.  


For just $27, you’ll be well on your way to improving your freestyle more than you thought possible.  With a simple, straightforward plan for action, focused on the YOUR biggest opportunity for improvement, progress is inevitable.


Optional Fix Your Freestyle FAST and 8-Week Ultimate Endurance Triathlon Swimming Technique Solution Add-On

If you’d like, you can add Fix Your Freestyle FAST when ordering.  If you want to know how all of this information applies to YOU, this is what you want.  It shows you how to take specific action to improve the ONE skill that’s holding you back most.  Freestyle Made Simple show you the why and Fix Your Freestyle FAST shows you the how, designed specifically for you.  You can get more information HERE.


One of the key skills described in Freestyle Made Simple is improving your alignment in the water. 

Many triathletes really struggle with this skill.  While it may not seem like a big deal, it will forever prevent you from optimizing your progress.  If you want a jump start on improving this key skill, the 8-Week Ultimate Endurance program is your shortcut.  You can get more information HERE.


You'll get a big discount if you add either of these programs to your bundle.  Just choose the add-on option at the checkout page.


BUY THIS BOOK!  For just $27, you’ll be well on your way to improving your freestyle more than you thought possible.  With a simple, straightforward plan for action, focused on the essentials of fast freestyle, progress is inevitable.


Product Info


These are PDF document that is available for immediate download.  It can be used on an any platform that is compatible with PDF file formats.  Several of the PDFs contain video links for the key exercises that are included in the text. 


Refund Policy


This product has a lifetime guarantee.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply let us know and we will refund your money in an expedient manner.  No questions asked.




Do I need to be a coach to understand this information?


Definitely not.  This information is presented in a simple, straight forward manner that anyone can understand, even if they don’t swim!


Would a coach benefit from this information?


Absolutely.  There is a lot of information out there on Freestyle, and having a guide to really separating what matters from what doesn’t is key.


Is there a training program with the information?


No, there is not.  This is more about the ‘why’.  However, you’ll get all of the important exercises, you’ll get tons of sample sets, and you’ll get resources showing you how to make your own sets.


If you wish to pay with PayPal instead, you can!  Bring up a new tab in your browser and go to to send payment. Once there, put in your real first and last name and a good email address and let us know in the transaction notes which item you're purchasing, and I'll connect with you!

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